The Barbell Compound
Chicago's #1 Hardcore Gym

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Who We Are

We are a family, and a business put into one. The Barbell Compound is about bringing back what is lost in commercial gyms. An atmosphere where you can talk to each other, relate to each other, and LEARN from one another.

Our members include professional powerlifters, bodybuilders, athletes, and any other individual who just wants to be STRONGER. 

Our Equipment

Our equipment isn't your typical commercial fitness type.

Our equipment is American made, and cast-iron steel. Most of the plates and bars are A LOT heavier than your average commercial gym.

Since we cater to both bodybuilders, and powerlifters, we have a very LARGE selection of equipment. 

 For Powerlifting: 

We have 2 competition benches, multiple texas power bars, platforms, squat racks, and a MONOLIFT.

For Bodybuilding:

We have a huge selection of Hammer Strength, Nautilus, BodyMaster, Icarian, and Polaris machines.

Both plate loaded, and selectorized (pin loaded)

For our general population: 

You get access to a 10,000 square foot super facility, with over 125 plate loaded machines, 40,000 pounds of plates, and multiple sets of dumbbells.

As far as cardio goes, we do have our selection of treadmills, bikes, concept 2 rowers, and a smaller area for boxing as well.